Why Bother converting TO PDF?

  • Accessibility: PDFs are portable (it’s in the name!). Any computer can open a PDF document without needing special software. Computers that don’t have access to Microsoft Office won’t be able to open a Word Document or it may be changed when opened in alternative software.
  • PDFs are a Universal standard: as almost all computers and browsers can open PDFs; the document will appear the same no matter where it is viewed from.
  • Security: PDFs are substantially more secure than Word Documents. It’s also lot harder to change a PDF to corrupt it or alter information.
  • Size: PDFs have a much smaller file size than Word Documents meaning they take up much less space when stored online and it’s easier to download. This means faster download times on low-bandwidth networks!

How to convert from word DOC to PDF

(For MS Word 2013 onwards)

Once your document is ready to publish, switch to the File menu in the top bar.

Then choose Export.

Choose to create a PDF/XPS file type. Then click the button that says ‘Create PDF/XPS’ on the right hand side of the screen.

Then simply give the file a name of your choice and choose where to save it.

If you’re publishing online, you may like to choose minimum size. This will reduce the file size of any images in your file to make the PDF file smaller and easier to download.

When you’re ready just click Publish. You’ll now find the PDF wherever you chose to save it (or you can tick the Open after Saving checkbox to open it automatically!)